How to Solve Irregular Periods Problem Naturally

How to get rid mesntrual cycle

An irregular period is a common problem than occur among women in the world. It is medically known as oligomenorrhea. It usually refers to infrequent periods; with intervals more than 35 days.

A normal menstrual cycle usually has range from 21-35 days. Menstrual bleeding generally happen lasts for 2-7 days. Women normally have; 11-13 periods in a year. But women who got oligomenorrhea will have than 6-7 periods.

Irregular periods are be categorized by the days that your periods last, abnormal blood loss, and variation time in each your period.

Many factors can cause this women’s problems including significant weight loss, eating disorder, anemia, thyroid disorders, menopause, tuberculosis, liver disease, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, uterine abnormalities, recent birth or miscarriage, and other health conditions.

Lifestyle is also contribute this women’s problem such as smoking, alcohol abuse, caffeine, increased exercise, stress, travel, certain medications, and birth control pill. Moreover, European study in 2005 indicates that fever and asthma also is linked to irregular periods.

Menstrual cycles usually occur during few years after menstrual start, end of a woman’s menstrual years, and menopause. In addition, every women has different menstrual patterns.

Here are home remedies for irregular periods


How to Solve Irregular Periods Problem

Ginger is one of natural remedies has many benefits to regulate menstrual cycles and relieve menstrual pain. It promotes menstrual when dealing with delay; or scanty periods.

How to use:

  • Boil one or half tsp of freshly ground ginger; in a cup of water around seven minutes.
  • Then, add a little sugar.
  • Drink it three times a day after meals.
  • Do this for about; one month or more.

 home remedies for irregular periods

To regulate menstrual cycles and reduce menstrual pain; you can use cinnamon. According to traditional Chinese medicine; cinnamon is believed to have effective effect on the body. It also has hydroxychalcone that is useful to regulate insulin levels and also effect on menstrual regularity. A study analyzed tha the effects of cinnamon extract on menstrual cycles; in women with polycystic ovary syndrome; is currently underway.

How to use:

  • Simply add one or half tsp of cinnamon powder to a glass of milk.
  • Drink it daily for several weeks.
    You can also drink cinnamon tea; sprinkle cinnamon on your foods; or chew cinnamon sticks regularly.

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